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About the project

Alto Vino is an Italian based fine dining restaurant at the JW Marriott Pune. Chef Hubert is the head chef there and this project was made to showcase his journey in the culinary business.
Venue : JW Marriott Pune
Year : 2016

the Brief

Chef Hubert has had years of experience in the culinary business. His story started from his home town in Italy. This story had to be brought out in an engaging way for the social media audience. We had to come up with a short video that in subtle way shows the warmth and ambience of Alto Vino and the head chef present there.


Our creative team visited the hotel and had a quick chat with the chef to understand his life a little better. Once that was done we got to production and assigned the chef a set of activities and asked him to be candid and share his life journey with the audience. His entire journey was then shown with the help of images and photographs from his past thus making the video much more relatable.

Behind the scenes